How to Put a Screen Protector on Your iPhone

Putting on the best iphone 6 case is easy but when it comes to screen protectors, a lot of people would pay the professionals because they find it difficult. Since the screen is one of the most vulnerable part of an iPhone even if you already got an iPhone 6 plus case, there’s still a need for you to put a screen protector in it. Here are some steps that can help you put your own screen protector and save a few dollars.
Step 1:
Purchase a screen protector that is suitable to the size of your iPhone because the size varies especially if you have iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 plus. You must also understand that screen protectors do not guarantee that it will protect your phone from breaking because they are limited to ward off scratches from your screen.
Step 2:
You must install your screen protector in an area free from dust. There is actually a technique where you can decrease the dust. Steam is actually a very big help in eliminating dust and in order to do this, you can do the installation in the bathroom. Run the hot shower and then wait until the steam subsides, this is now the perfect time to put your screen protector.
Step 3:
Make sure your hands are clean and dry. You also have to make sure that your iPhone screen is clean and using an eyeglass cleaner is a good choice. Before removing the screen protector from its packaging, check the placement first.
Step 4:
Using a mild adhesive, remove the dust residue. It is much easier to eliminate bubbles and finger marks but a dust residue will stay. There are also screen protector kits that provide you with a special sticker to remove dust.
Step 5:
Peel off the screen protector from the kit and make sure that you align it carefully. Make sure that you install it slowly and carefully because once you commit a mistake on the alignment; it would be hard to readjust it.
Step 6:
Always remember than when you see some minor problems, don’t remove it right away as this can cause further damage. If you see some air bubbles, you must wait until you’re done putting the screen protector completely because you can remove the air bubbles by wiping if off towards the edge. You can use a card in doing this to evenly remove all the air bubbles.